International Schools (Australia)

International Schools (Australia)

Uprooting your children is just one of the dilemmas a potential expat parent faces when making their decision to move abroad. You don’t want to give them a huge culture shock, and there is nothing more terrifying than starting at a new school, especially if you don’t even understand or speak the local language.

International schools avoid the difficulties you would have sending a child to a local one as many teach and speak in English. The other children are often expats too so your child will find it a lot easier to make friends and settle into their new home.

We take a look at just some of the international schools in the countries listed in the Expat Hub country guides. This time we focus on Australia.

Redlands, Sydney

This international school teaches children from over 30 different countries with 13% of all pupils coming from expat families. The school is a Church of England, non-selective institution and teaches children from the ages of 4 to 18. Located in Sydney’s inner city and spread out over three campuses Redlands is a popular choice with expat families living in the Australian capital.

The schools motto ‘let your light shine’ is a good representation of the success that Redlands pupils strive for. As a private school it isn’t cheap and often has long waiting lists but as expats come and go places do open up. Redlands looks at candidates’ school reports and conducts interviews a year to 18 months before the child is due to start. There is an A$240 (£149) application fee.

Fees: The cost of fees ranges from A$19,900 (£12,931) per annum for a Kindergarten place and rising to as much as A$26,740 (£17,376) per annum for Year Eleven pupils. There are also additional one-off enrolment fees.

Kormilda College, Darwin

Located in Australia’s most northern city, Kormilda College is the best international school in the Northern territories. The name Kormilda comes from an Aboriginal language and in English translates as ‘Tomorrow’, the schools motto is ‘towards tomorrow’.

Many expat children attend the school and have access to some first class teaching and sports facilities. Students can either attend as borders or travel into school daily. To enrol at the school you and your child will have to attend an interview as well as provide evidence of their most recent test results. There is an A$250 acceptance fee upon gaining successful enrolment.

Fees: For children attending the college in the school week yearly tuition fees range from A$7,085 (£4,608) to A$8,025 (£5,219). For children boarding at the school fees range from A$21,275 (£13838) to A$22,035 (£14,332).

Glenuga International High School,  Adelaide

This school is located in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs and has strong links to the city’s mining industry. The school has over 1,300 pupils in attendance with up to 62 nationalities being represented. The school regularly beats the national average when it comes to exam results and the brightest pupils are encouraged to partake in the ‘ignite’ programme which fast tracks the best into university education.

Candidates for the Ignite programme have to take an assessment devised by the Australian Council for Educational Research, as well as appearing before an interview panel. Up to 90 pupils are selected.

Fees: As Glenuga is a state school the fees are a lot lower than the other two mentioned. The fees expected for the 2013 term is A$715.00 (£465).

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