How does your US home size measure up?


How does your home size measure up?

If you’re considering taking the plunge and moving to America one of the main things you will have to organise is housing, principally deciding where you’re going to live and what kind of property you’re going to be able to afford.

But when you’re used to one nation’s property market getting your head round another can be difficult at first, and information like average home size/age, or purchase price per square foot can prove tricky and time consuming to track down.

Now, if the thought of wading through stacks of facts and figures is already making you feel sleepy you’re in luck!

One of our Expat Hub readers shared this useful and interesting infographic with us, all about housing in the US, and they were kind enough to let us feature it on our site.

So bask in the warming glow of jazzy colours and high impact design and learn things like just how much a home in Memphis (or Kansas, Chicago, Phoenix, LA, New York etc) will cost you per square foot and how big you can expect the property to be!



For additional information on Moving to the US check out our extensive country guide. In it we cover topics including US Visas, work, retirement, property, healthcare, education and culture and attempt to dispel any expat concerns.

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