British Sport

The British introduced to the world many of the sports that have become so popular. Football is now the most popular sport in the world with there being more member nations in UEFA than the United Nations!


The modern game of football developed during the Victorian age and today is now the biggest, most popular and financially lucrative sport in world. England is home to arguably the best football league in the world, the Premier league that sees teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all compete. Football is a way of life for many Brits with football stadiums being full on a weekly basis as their teams’ battle it out. The United Kingdom field’s four national teams each comprised of its host nations i.e., Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Only England has won the World Cup and that was way back in 1966, a fact that the English fans cling onto as they seek new glory.


Like Football, Rugby developed during the Victorian age and the legend goes it was invented when a young boy decided to pick up and run with a football a school in the town of Rugby. In 1895, the Rugby leagues splintered to create Rugby Union and Rugby League. Rugby Union is the more popular of the two and the Rugby World Cup generates a lot of excitement. All four national teams are amongst the top best Rugby national teams with England winning the tournament in 2003.


The origins of Cricket date back to the 16th-century when an early form of the game was played by the Tudors. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the sport took the form we see today. The sport is now played all over the world, but mostly in the former colonies of the British Empire. Today there is a Cricket world Cup, a county league and the famous Ashes series. The British and Australians have a long rivalry when it comes to Cricket.