United Arab Emirates Cities

If the UAE is the country of your expat dreams but you’re not sure where to settle then read all about the country’s top three cities!


The city of Dubai is named after the emirate of Dubai in which it resides. The emirate is located southeast of the Persian Gulf and has the largest population in the UAE. The city was formally established in 1833 and benefited greatly from its location. It became an important trade route and today is the heart of business in the nation. Dubai has attracted the world’s attention through its wealth and construction projects. As of 2012 Dubai is the 22nd costliest city to live in surpassing London and is the most expensive city in the Middle East.


In 1991 there was only 1 skyscraper in the city now there are 400

Less than 20% of the population are natives the rest are immigrants

There are no personal or income taxes in Dubai

The world’s largest horses can be found in Dubai

There are no street addresses in Dubai


Dubai as a hot desert climate with summers being incredibly hot, windy and very humid. Most days are sunny, even in the depths of winter it is warm. The combination of heat and humidity make the city very uncomfortable for many visitors.


Dubai is a modern rapidly expanding city and is full of amazing things to see and do. The best way to see all that the city has to offer is to take the big bus tour which visits all of the city’s famous landmarks all from the comfort of a luxury air conditioned coach. You can see the world’s tallest man-made structure the Burj Khalifa towering over the city, at 2,723 ft you’d best not suffer from vertigo.

Abu Dhabi

The city of Abu Dhabi is the second largest city in the UAE and the nation’s capital. The emirate in which it resides is the largest in the country and has a population of 621,000. The city is the heart of government and home to the UAE President and ruling Abu Dhabi ruling family. The city is the country’s industrial and political heartland as well as a major cultural and commercial centre.


The Emirates palace is home to 1,002 chandeliers

The city is the wealthiest emirate in UAE, with regard to GDP and per capita income.

Around 70 percent of UAE’s wealth is concentrated in the city.

Most of the citizens in Abu Dhabi wear the national dress. Women wear the full length black abba and men wear the long white robe or dishdasha

Abu Dhabi is also one of the wealthiest states of the world. Before the discovery of oil in the region, it was the poorest of sheikhdoms. 


Located in the heart of Sharjah is Al Qasba an area that contains some of the best aspects of Arabic culture. There are cultural centres, leisure centres and museums. A relaxing ride under the stars in a traditional boat is a wonderful way to unwind with your loved ones. And that is exactly what Al Qasba delivers with its exciting itinerary as the fun destination makes the most of its waterfront location by offering visitors a tour of the lagoons.