Buying a property in Turkey

Expats wanting to move to Turkey will be happy to know that property in Turkey is cheap and relatively easy to find with even a few luxury properties being sold cheaply. A bonus for expats working for a multinational company is that they may provide you with a place to live but if not then it’s pretty simple to find somewhere to rent.


This is probably the best option for finding a place in Turkey, at least until you decide whether you want to stay in the country for longer than five years and apply for full residency. The best place to start looking for suitable rental apartments is to search English language newspapers like the Turkish Daily News. If you can read Turkish then check out property magazines, then again if you are fluent in the language then you shouldn’t have too much problem finding a place.

You could also try taking to the streets to search neighbourhoods for properties available for rent. Those properties will be marked with a sign reading Kiralik Daire or Apartment for rent. Doing some searching in person is a good idea for several reasons. It gives you an idea or areas in your town or city where rentals are most available and, it helps you orient properties in relation to local landmarks and each other.

Estate agents

Turkish estate agents can normally be found in most towns and cities and tend to have their offices in the neighbourhoods where they rent out property. They do not tend to live up to the same standards we expect from UK agents as they primarily act as intermediaries and tend to not provide all of the properties details.

For this reason it is likely that you will have to visit multiple properties before you find one right for you. Once a property is found you will have to pay your estate agent a commission which is often up to one month’s rent.

Signing a contract

Once you’ve found a place to rent make sure to create a rental contract with your landlord in writing. Ideally you should get it signed in both English and Turkish by both parties. The most important things you should be aware of that a contract specifies the amount of rent and the currency in which you will [ay it in. Some landlords prefer their foreign tenants to pay in Dollars or pounds to avoid the huge drops in value that the Lira occasionally faces.