Thai Climate

The Thai climate is controlled by tropical monsoons and the weather is generally hot and humid across the country for most of the year. Thailand doesn’t tend to experience spring, summer; autumn and winter like we do in Western Europe instead it has three seasons in the north and generally only experiences two in the south.

The Rainy season (July- October)

Thailand’s rainy season tends to last from July to October and is dominated by the southwest monsoon which provides the country with its heaviest rainfall. Despite being called the rainy season it isn’t always raining. Instead flash flooding is a common occurrence with day’s worth of drizzle. The climate is not very pleasant at this time of year as a combination of humidity and heat makes things very uncomfortable. Thailand is often sunny all year round and the rainy season s no exception. Just be prepared to run for cover when the furious rain showers hit.

Hot season (March-June)

The hot season lasts from March to June and sees higher temperatures as well as the occasional strom. Around the regions of Bangkok and Ayutthaya temperatures can soar to uncomfortable levels as punishing heat and humidity make most people a sweaty mess. Temperatures begin to climb in February and by April many residents look forward to the cooler rainy season. This is the least popular time for foreigners to visit the nation as the temperatures can be unbearable.

Cool season (November- February)

The cool season tends to only affect the northern and central parts of the country and due to the comfortable temperatures it brings makes this season the most popular for foreign visitors. Due to Thailand’s location in the tropics the cold period is often very short with the only genuinely cold weather occurring in the most mountainous of regions.