Swiss Climate

The climate of Switzerland is classed as temperate but in reality it can vary greatly between regions. Glacial conditions are typically found on the mountaintop regions whilst in the southern tip of the country it experiences a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Summers in Switzerland tend to be humid and warm with regular rainfall. The Swiss winters are less humid and can become very cold but the main issue with Swiss winters is the fog that can blanket the lowlands for periods at a time and can lead to the sun not being seen for weeks!

Due to its mountain location the country experiences relatively low levels of rainfall but does experience strong winds coming off of the peaks. Switzerland does not tend to have a stable climate and conditions can change at any point during the course of the year making weather forecasting extremely unpredictable.

Climate facts

The average temperature in Switzerland is 8.6 °C.

The average warm temperature is 23 °C in July & August.

The coolest average low temperature is -4 °C in January.

The driest months, on average, are December and February.

The wettest month, on average, is June.

Switzerland receives on average 1756 hours of sunshine a year or 4.8 hours a day.