Singaporean Culture

Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures ranging from its strong colonial British ties, to influences from Asia and Europe.


Many Singaporeans are bilingual with most being able to speak English and another language such as Mandarin Chinese, Tamil or the unique to the island Singlish.

English is the first language of the country closely followed the unique local dialect known as Singlish which combines English with the native language. Over 50% of Singaporeans speak Mandarin when at home whilst 32% speak English.

The influx of immigrants to the island after the Second World War ensured that Singapore would become a multi-cultural society and only recently the government launched a drive to entice more expats to the country. Natives of the country have a very low birth rate meaning that the government as to look abroad to keep the booming economy strong and productive.


Singaporeans love their food and are the most active bloggers on the internet when it comes to discussing food. Cuisine from across Asia makes is way to the island allowing the inhabitants to get a wide and varied palette of grub.