The city of Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is so small that it literally is pretty much just the city of Singapore itself; however don’t let its size fool you. Singapore is one of the greatest cities on Earth and has rightfully earned its various nicknames. These range from The Garden City, The Lion City, the ‘Fine’ City and the Asian Tiger.

In 2011 and 2012 Singapore won the title of Asia’s best city and has won acclaim for its quality of transportation, infrastructure and is famous for its friendliness to international business. It is also renowned for its fantastic health services and the safety and security of its citizens.

Singapore is a global city and attracts tourists and expats alike in large numbers making it a true multi cultural society. Singapore’s population is mostly comprised of Chinese, Malays and Indians; however, the culture has become mostly homogenous: Singapore has a unique culture which they call ‘Kiasu-ness’ and tourists will ogle at Singaporeans’ favourite sport: standing in line.

There is not just an eclectic mix of ethnicities in Singapore, but an eclectic mix of the old and the new. Old colonial buildings, which make up the foundation of the city, can still be found alongside new and shiny skyscrapers.

Population: Over five million

Annual Rainfall: 2,500 mm

Average annual Temp: 28 °C

Main attractions

For a taste of Singapore’s colonial past you should visit the city’s most famous landmark, the Raffles Hotel. Built in 1887 and declared a national monument in 1987 Raffles offers you the opportunity to take afternoon tea Victorian style. The building also offers an impressive museum and plenty of shopping opportunities. To get a feel of the city’s multicultural society visit Chinatown or little India or indulge your fun factor by visiting Universal Studios Singapore or underwater world located on the popular tourist destination of Sentosa Island.