Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its foreigner friendly jobs market and with the nation’s continuingly strong economy and fantastic standard of living the small island nation has become a favourite destination for expat workers.

Strength of the Job Market

Foreign workers account for over a third of Singapore’s population and work in all areas of the economy.  For expats hoping to find work you could do a lot worse than try Singapore. According to the multi-national recruitment firms 2013 survey the Singaporean jobs market is thriving.

The number of companies hiring at senior levels in the country jumped to 52% in the first quarter of 2013 and is expected to continue to rise in the coming years. The defence and security sectors are booming with 100% of businesses in those fields reportedly seeking management level employees.   According to the latest data up to 70% of all Singaporean companies are looking to recruit at senior levels.

Where to look for jobs

Many foreign workers in Singapore are sent to the country by their employers. Many multi-national companies have a presence on the island due to its location as one of Asia’s biggest trading hubs. However for those looking for work on their own there are a number of useful resources you can use to find work in Singapore.


If you can get your hands on Singapore’s biggest English language newspaper ‘the Straits Times’ then you will be able to find the latest jobs available in the classifieds section.  Alternatively if you cannot get hold of a physical copy there is a classified jobs section available online at

Job fairs

These allow you to network and interact with companies based in Singapore and allow you to see what jobs are available. Job fairs for expats often tour the UK so keep your eyes peeled for their nearest location. Alternatively you could attend a jobs fair in Singapore to get a more local feel.


The biggest and best source for jobs is of course the internet. Online job sites number in their hundreds and most have positions in Singapore advertised. Along with browsing over hundreds of job postings, these online sites also help you create a resume and make applying for jobs easy. Aside from general job search websites, there are also sites specific to Singapore. The Singapore government has a directory where you can find various public service and other government jobs. The site is: