Russian Healthcare

Although the Russian healthcare system is in the process of revamping, no significant improvements have been made over the last twenty years.

A severe lack of funding has led to the Russian healthcare system being known for its inefficiency and low standards. These issues are now being addressed but progress is slow.

Theoretically healthcare is free, but in light of the poor quality treatments provided by the state Russians who can afford to tend to pay for private treatments.

Although there are pharmacies across Russia certain drugs can be difficult to obtain and certain medications can be pricey. Outside of the main cities there are few pharmacies which are open in the evenings so in emergency situations the hospital is usually the first port of call.

When in Russia you should bear in mind the fact that there is no filtering system for water, so drinking water out of the tap is best avoided!

If you’re planning on moving to Russia it really is advised that you take out a comprehensive health insurance package. That way you have the option of flying back to your country of origin for medical treatment.