Introduction to Russia

Russia is a country with enormous scope physically, geographically, politically and socially. As a melting pot of cultures and traditions and a nation with a complex history Russia has only become a top visitor destination over the past couple of decades.

On top of its current vibrancy it is a country known for continual transformation, having repeatedly redefined its boundaries and affiliations in years gone by.

As the biggest country in the world Russia stretches from the Gulf of Finland to the Pacific Coast’s Kamchatka peninsula, covering an eighth of the world’s total land area, eight different time-zones and a variety of climates.

Russia is home to many different nationalities and reflects the influences absorbed over the centuries from Asia and Europe, often being called the ‘bridge’ between the two continents. Despite this Russia manages to retain an identity and diversity all its own.

It is also a nation famed for the quality of its authors, musicians, artists, composers and ballet dancers and is home to some of the most important ballet and opera arenas in the world, like the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatres.

As well as a country steeped in folklore and mystery Russia is home to up-and-coming cosmopolitan cities like Moscow and St Petersburg.