Qatari Climate

Due to Qatar’s location in the east of Arabia and it bordering Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf the country experiences very hot temperatures in the summer months and remains warm all year round.

The long summer this lasts from May until September is characterized by intense heat and alternating dryness and humidity. Temperatures often reach 50 °C (122 °F). The summer is not the best time for those of sensitive skin or vulnerability to the sun as it could prove to be hazardous to your health. What is classed as Qatar’s winter from November to May is also very warm but temperatures can fall to as low as 5°C.

Rainfall in Qatar is very rare with an average of just 100mm falling per year. What rain does fall only tends to in the winter months and as the saying goes when it rains it pours. Sometimes heavy storms flood small ravines and dry riverbeds.

More common and more dangerous are the violent dust storms that can occur suddenly and without warning. They can become so large that the dust blots out the sun, cause wind damage and disrupt transport and communication links, not to mention covering everything in sand.

Water is scarce is Qatar due to the lack of rainfall and a small amount of underground sources. Despite this drinking water is readily available and Qatari citizen do not have to pay a penny for water services. Most of the nation’s water is supplied by desalination plants that purify sea water.