Qatari cities

Qatar’s capital, Doha, is the main emigration destination for expats. Read all about it below.


The capital city of the state of Qatar is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf with a population of over a million citizens and is one of the major municipalities of Qatar. Doha is the country’s largest city with over 60% of the entire population of Qatar residing within its borders and is the economic heart of the country.

The city is also the political centre with the government of Qatar and the ruling sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani based there. It wasn’t made a capital city until the British made it the capital of the protectorate of Qatar in 1916, after the country gained independence in 1971 Doha assumed the title of capital city.

The majority of the city’s residents are expats with most of those originally coming from South Asia; it is also popular with expats from the UK, Germany and the USA as well as many other western countries.

Each month, thousands immigrate to Qatar, and as a result, Doha has witnessed explosive growth rates in population. Doha’s population currently stands at around one million, with the population of the city more than doubling in the past decade.

Due to the high influx of expatriates, the Qatari housing market saw a shortage of supply which led to a rise in prices and increased inflation. The gap in the housing market between supply and demand has narrowed, however, and property prices have fallen in some areas following a period which saw rents triple in some areas.