Buying a Property in Qatar

Previously it was impossible for foreigners to purchase a property in Qatar, but in 2004 the country followed the example set by its neighbour the UAE. Qatar’s scheme is to market luxury, Riviera-style apartments to foreign investors, thus broadening Qatar’s economy to include a larger goods and services sector. However, property prices are more modest in Qatar than in other Gulf countries, and there are also a greater number of mid-level accommodations available.

Compared to the UK, the house prices in Qatar give you a lot more for your money. Building standards are acceptable (by UK standards) and villas are spacious and well equipped.


Seeing as how very few expats get to remain in the country for more than a few years buying a property just doesn’t make much sense. Renting accommodation in Qatar is relatively straightforward and the process has been streamlined due to the sheer number of expats looking for a place to live. Most international companies with links to the region have housing arrangements in place for their workers in the form of long-term leases on properties.

There’s a considerable choice of property to choose from, no matter the price range. There are a number of ways to find a rental property in Qatar, including the following:

Consult your company’s human resources manager, work colleagues and friends. Word of mouth is usually the best recommendation in the region.

Talk to members of any clubs and associations that you join.

Check the notice boards outside accommodation blocks and look in the local English-language newspapers and magazines. Talk to porters or administration staff in the buildings that you like the look of. They will often know about the availability of accommodation.

Consult estate agents. As well as having a wide knowledge of the market, area and costs, they generally provide transport and accompany you on viewings.