Jobs in Qatar

Expats coming to Qatar to find work aren’t normally allowed to become a permanent member of the population and actually finding work is quite difficult unless you’ve been sent there as part of an international company. Foreign workers tend to be treated well and once their period of work comes to an end they are thanked and rewarded for their efforts.

Most jobs available in the country are unskilled jobs that attract many immigrants from Pakistan, India and other Asian nations. Having made major investments in education and social welfare, the Qatari government hopes that eventually Qatar will become almost self-sufficient in terms of labour.

The majority of jobs available in Qatar are for multinational corporations with oil, gas and international commerce being the main sectors for employment.

Recruitment agencies

The best way to find work in Qatar is to sign up to a recruitment agency. The distance between the UK and the Qatar means that it is often necessary to use agents to act as middlemen. Private recruitment consultants and head-hunters in western countries, particularly in London and New York deal with most managerial jobs in the country.

Agencies tend to specialise in particular areas of work e.g., medical staff, computer experts, accountants etc… Recruitment agencies in the cities are useful for placing expats in local employment and can help expat wives get a job. Be aware that there are numerous regulations controlling the employment of spouses with separate work visas being needed.

Women workers

Special mention has to be made of the way women are treated in the work place. For a long time women were often not allowed to work but these days that is slowly changing. Most women work as nurses, doctors or in the finance sector. It is extremely tough for native women to gain promotion at work and it’s near impossible for a foreigner. Most expat workers are male with their wives often having a restriction in their passport preventing them from getting a job. Those few expat women that can get a job are generally safe in the workplace but must be careful to not be too friendly with Arab men as this can be mistaken for flirting.