The top three cities in the Netherlands

If the Netherlands is the country of your expat dreams but you’re not sure where to settle then read all about the country’s top three cities!


The largest and most famous city in the Netherlands needs little introduction. Amsterdam has a metropolitan population of over 2 million and is the nation’s commercial centre. The city is extremely popular for tourists and expats alike and has a reputation for being one of the friendliest places for UK visitors.


There is a floating boat which houses stray cats! Normally cats hate water but not in Amsterdam! Volunteers look after a boat full of stray cats. The Boat named the Poezenboot has become a world famous tourist attraction.

About 24% of Amsterdam is below sea level.

Over 70% of the worlds Bacon comes from Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Amsterdam is home to over a million bikes but only 700,000 residents in the city proper

Residents of Amsterdam are known as Amsterdammer’s.

Main Attractions

Amsterdam is often nick-named the Venice of the North thanks to the number of canals that run through the city. In 2010 the canals were declared a UNESCO monument in 2010 and a boat tour of the canals is a must do when in the city.

Amsterdam is also a dream city for art lovers as it is home to dozens of art museums and art galleries housing some of the most famous works of arts ever made. The Rembrandt House museum and Van Gogh Museums are must see attractions. Amsterdam is also famous for its infamous Red-light district. Many visitors go just to see what the fuss is about.


The second largest city in the Netherlands and the ‘Gateway to Europe’, Rotterdam is one of the largest and second busiest port in the world after Shanghai. The city is a major centre for international commerce and boasts a vibrant culture and is a hub for international business making it a popular location with expats looking for work.


Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and is one of the top 5 most important ports in the world.

The city is budget friendly as prices for housing and everyday goods are relatively cheap.

Rotterdam is the ‘event’ city of the Netherlands; it hosts a broad selection of international sporting and cultural events.

The city was bombed extensively in World War Two as the Nazis sought a way of breaking Dutch resistance.

The city has the most modern architecture in the Netherlands.

Main attractions

Rotterdam is home to the Euromast a landmark that dominates the city skyline. Standing at 607 feet it has been a prominent site in the city since the end of its construction in the 1960’s. The views from the top are spectacular and make a trip to the top a must. One of the main family attractions in the city is Rotterdam zoo. The zoo contains a whole host of exotic animals including giraffes and elephants.  Situated in between both the city’s Willems Bridge and also the Erasmus Bridge is an artificial sandy beach, which was created just a few years ago and has already become a leading attraction with both tourists and locals. Boompjeskade Beach enjoys a scenic situation along the banks of the Nieuwe Maas, while other similar beach attractions in the Rotterdam area include the sandy stretch at Hoek van Holland, along with further beaches around the Zeeland coastline, such as either Oostvoorne or alternatively Renesse.

The Hague

Home to the Dutch government, the Supreme Court and the Dutch Royal family The Hague is confusingly not the capital city of the Netherlands but the third largest city in the country. The Hague is famous for being the place where international war criminals are sent to trial for their crimes and is one of the four main cities that host the United Nations.


The city is home to Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Royal family.

40% of residents are foreign-born.

115 embassies and consulates are based in the city.

111,000 trees line the roads.

The Hague is the centre of Dutch Politics.

Main attractions

As the governmental hub of the Netherlands the Hague is home to many impressive governmental buildings, ranging from the Parliament building to the home of the Royal family. The Hague is also the home for the largest outdoor market in Europe. You can buy just about everything when the stalls set up on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Around 25,000 people visit the market each day!

The Hague is also the location for the world famous Peace Palace which is the home of the International Court of Justice which acts as the United Nations judicial wing.