Moving to Mexico

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and when moving abroad the stress levels can increase tenfold. Help yourself by being as organised as possible, work out deadlines and stick to them!


Make sure you get all your documentation sorted out in advance and make copies. If you don’t have your documents organised you’ll find things like arranging the length of your stay/buying a home/getting a job/opening a bank account/securing schooling for your children much more difficult.

Professional removal companies

Unless you’re leaving everything behind you’ll probably need a removal company to help you emigrate. Don’t rush into picking a company though – shop around as prices and services can vary greatly.

First things first: see how many belongings you have and ask yourself whether you really need them all. Everything you take will cost you money, would it be cheaper just to replace it abroad? Once you’ve established that you will be requiring the help of a removal company ask around, get recommendations, make enquires and get quotes. Check what services the company actually offers. Do they provide you with boxes? Or do they literally just load and unload your things? To be on the safe side make sure the removal company you go with is accredited by an industry association.

Prices are often calculated based on the type and size of the load, the distance that has to be covered and the amount of people the job will need. If you want an exact quote you’ll have to give the removal company as much detail as possible, this means taking measurements and doing a thorough inventory.

Doing an inventory of your possessions might be time consuming and frustrating but remember it’s in your benefit too. Firstly, if you need to make an insurance claim you’ll be able to prove that the insurance company was carrying the damaged/missing goods. And secondly, cataloguing your possessions makes it hard to ignore how much of your stuff is junk so it should inspire you to chuck useless items away. You also have to make the removal company aware of any difficulties they might encounter on the job, such as numerous stairs, narrow roads or small doors. In return, make sure that they give you the maximum shipping time in writing.

Be aware that some companies offer a ‘groupage service’. This is where your possessions are allocated space in containers whenever there is any. This option is cheaper but it can take weeks or even months before your things get to their destination.


It’s always a good idea to insure your items, particularly if they’re valuable or fragile. You can always take date marked photographs of your most treasured belongings encase you need to prove condition later. Most insurance companies will cover your items against damage incurred when the removal company packed them. The cost of the insurance is usually of 1% or 2% of the load’s total worth. You might not want to insure your things with the same company responsible for transporting them; occasionally you may find it more difficult to make a successful claim.