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Jobs in Mexico

For foreigners, finding work in Mexico can be something of a challenge. The competition for positions can be great and you may be required to accept a low wage in order to secure a position. However, the nation’s economy is diversifying and demand for workers in technical/engineering and communication sectors is on the increase.

If you are able to speak fluent Spanish it will hugely improve your prospects in the Mexican job market. Being able to speak another language as well is a real bonus.

Some foreign qualifications are not recognized in Mexico, to see if yours are contact your local Mexican embassy/consulate. They will be able to authenticate your qualifications for you so that they’re more readily accepted in Mexico.

Working conditions

The working conditions in Mexico can vary significantly from the Western norm. For example, working hours are not regulated by law but are dictated by your company and the job you do. Typical office hours can run from 8am to 7pm while lunch breaks can vary from half an hour to an hour or more. Working a half day on Saturday is not uncommon.

In general Mexican wages are lower than in Western nations, although there are certain jobs which pay well. As in many countries the salary you can expect to command depends on the sector you plan to work in and can be greatly affected by the qualifications you hold. Although many companies are beginning to pay their wages quarterly some still pay every 15 days (in Quincenas).

Mexican law entitles workers to an annual bonus known as an Aguinaldo. The bonus is typically the equivalent of four-week’s pay and is usually paid to employees during the Christmas period.

Holiday pay is far more restricted in Mexico then it is in other countries as the amount of paid holiday you’re eligible for depends on how long you’ve worked for the same company. In their first year of employment a worker is only entitled to 5 days of paid holiday, but this number rises a day for every year they work for the same company until it hits a maximum of 20 days a year plus public holidays.