Irish money

If you’re thinking of emigrating to Ireland you will have to know what type of currency the country uses. In the case of Ireland the country uses the Euro or the single currency. The Euro is the second most traded currency in the world behind the US Dollar, before you emigrate it is a good idea to seek advice from a trusted currency broker, a good one to use is

Cost of living in Ireland

Item: Avg.Cost € Avg.Cost £
Pint of Milk 1.14 0.93
1kg bag of potatoes 1.50 1.22
Mid-range bottle of wine 9.00 7.30
Bottle of Coke/Pepsi 1.80 1.46
Monthly utility bill 150.00 121.74
internet 36.00 29.22
Cinema ticket 9.50 7.71
Petrol 1 litre 1.60 1.29



There are eight banks in Ireland, the most widespread being the Bank of Ireland (with 320 branches) and the Allied Irish Bank, known somewhat tautologically as AIB Bank (with 300 branches). These two along with Ulster Bank (114 branches) and the National Irish Bank (62 branches) are known as the Associated Banks, because they provide a clearing system for all other Irish banks. The four remaining banks are the Trustee Savings Bank (83 branches), First Active, formerly the First National Building Society, (65 branches), ACC Bank (49 branches) and ICC Bank (5 branches).

Irish banks are usually open from 9.30am to 4pm on weekdays and are shut on weekends.