Irish language

Despite Gaelic being the official language of Ireland, only 1% of the population speak it on a daily basis, instead the main language in use is in fact English. Officially the second language of the country English is spoken by everyone in Ireland and in virtually all situations the inability to speak Gaelic does not affect everyday life.

Whether you speak British or American English (or some other form) is usually irrelevant, although some Irish people will have difficulty understanding strong non-Irish accents and you may find Irish pronunciation takes some getting used to.

Key Gaelic phrases

English Gaelic
Hello Dia dhuit
Good morning Dia dhuit ar maidin
Good night Oiche mhaith
Goodbye Slan
Sorry Gabh mo leisceal!
Thank you Go raibh maith agat
Help Tarrthail! Foir orm
Stop Stad!
Where’s the toilet Ca bfhuil an leithreas?