Jobs in India

Recent surveys have shown that the majority of people who emigrate to India do so for short-term career fixes, either sent overseas by their employers or opting to go to further their employment prospects/explore new opportunities.

According to HSBC the majority of expats find that their financial situation is better in India than it was at home, and two thirds are satisfied with the nation’s economy.

Although India doesn’t score as highly as countries like Australia and Canada when it comes to the quality of lifestyle it offers, wages in certain sectors can be good and the nation can provide strong opportunities for career progression.

The vast majority of expats in India are employed in the financial sector, but there are also positions available in construction, education, IT and management.

However, something to bear in mind is that a proportion of expats who work in India find it difficult to integrate and acclimatise to the local culture. As the language barrier has been cited as one of the main difficulties expats in India face you may want to consider learning at least some basics before you move!