Greek money

If you’re thinking of emigrating to Greece you will have to know what type of currency the country uses. In the case of Greece the country uses the Euro or the single currency. The Euro is the second most traded currency in the world behind the US Dollar, before you emigrate it is a good idea to seek advice from a trusted currency broker, a good one to use is

The main banks

There are many banks in Greece with eight in particular being the most popular as well as the multinationals found in most countries. The largest bank in terms of number of customers and branches is the National Bank of Greece. The major banks are as follows; the national bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Hellenic Bank, Emporiki Bank, and HSBC.

Cost of living

Thanks to the weakness of the Euro the price of everyday items is comparatively cheaper than those found in the UK.

Property prices in Greece

Here are the average property prices for the main regions of Greece:

Average house prices in Greece as of April 2012:

City: Avg. House Price Avg. House Price
Athens €2,014 per square metre £1,619
Larissa €2,030 per square metre £1,633
Rhodes €3,233 per square metre £2,600
Thessaloniki €1,977 per square metre £1,590