Finding a job in Greece

In recent years the Greek economy has suffered terribly due to the ongoing Euro crisis. The level of people out of work is close to 25%. Finding work is incredibly difficult in the country and with no end in sight, the chances of an expat landing a job is very remote. There are still opportunities for English teachers but even these are becoming limited as the government and institutions cut back on cash.

Work permits

As an EU citizen you can legally work in Greece without the need for a work permit. Non-EU citizens are highly unlikely to be able to be able to work legally in part-time or short-term jobs. If you visit Greece to look for a job, you have three months to find employment or set up in business and once employment has been found you must apply for a residence permit within one week. Greece has virtually imposed a freeze on the employment of non-EU nationals due to the huge number of illegal immigrants in the country. Certain non-EEA nationals are given preference, particularly those of Greek origin or those married to a Greek citizen.


Since the economic crisis began, wages in Greece have taken a bit of a battering as companies cut costs. The average wage for a person in full-time work is around €20,435. The government have imposed heavy taxes in its bid to increase income into the nations coffers and so the amount of bring home pay is lower than it sounds. Working hours in Greece are very long despite recent reports in the media that Greeks are slackers. In actual fact the Greeks work the third longest hours in the European Union.


Greek workers may get pretty bad pay and poor working hours but they certainly get a nice amount of time off. Workers tend to get up to 37 days paid holiday! According to a number of Greek workers the working conditions and time off are pretty good but a major problem is the lack of receiving pay for your exertions. One way to avoid not being paid is to ask your employer to be paid either daily or weekly, this way you could still lose a week’s wages but nothing as catastrophic as a whole months.