Buying a property in Greece

The economy may be circling the drain, and jobs may be hard to come by, but Greece still boasts one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countryside’s in Europe. The country is ancient, evoking images of glorious summer sunshine white sandy beaches and clear blue skies. Despite the countries current problems the Greek people remain friendly to foreigners and enjoy a relaxed simple lifestyle.

As a location for a holiday, permanent or retirement home Greece has a lot to offer, boosting a wide range in choice for good value property. The country enjoys a mild climate experiencing over 300 sunny days a year making it the perfect location to settle down in the sunshine.

 The advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include:

  • Good value for money
  • An unspoilt land to live in
  • Good rental possibilities
  • A relaxed way of life
  • Excellent weather all year round
  • Good food and wine

The Disadvantages include:

  • The country’s economic woes
  • Water shortages in the summer
  • Dangers of buying a property with debts
  • Dodgy roads and drivers
  • A property can be hard to sell