German sports

Germans love their sport. Participating in sports is a big part of the nation’s culture with over 27.5 million people being members of one of the country’s 991,000 sports clubs. In the all-time Olympic Games medal count Germany ranks fifth with the former nations of East Germany sitting in seventh place and West Germany in twenty first.


Like most European country’s football is by far the most popular sport in Germany. Foot balling legends such as Beckenbauer, Klinsman and Ballack all hail from Germany and have kept football fans the world over excited in the sport. The German national team was initially divided into two during the years of Soviet rule. West Germany won the world cup in 1954, 1974 and as a united Germany in 1990. It has finished as runners up four times and its record puts it just behind the success of Italy and Brazil. The biggest club teams in Germany are Bayern Munich, Hamburg and Schalke 04.


Germany has been home to some huge tennis stars and enjoys a renowned reputation for producing excellent tennis players. Germany’s love for tennis is clearly highlighted through its participation in a number of international Tennis tournaments. The Tennis players of Germany have participated in tournaments like Wimbledon, Davis Cup, U.S Open and others. Children from a very young age, usually as early as 7 or 8 years, learn to play tennis in Germany. There are a large number of tennis clubs and sports associations where proper training is provided to the budding tennis stars.


The origin of handball can be traced far back to the Greeks and Romans as featured in their songs and writings. Modern handball first gained prominence towards the end of 19th century in Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Germany is one of the biggest Handballing nations in the world winning the World championships several times.   The rules of the game are simple with two teams of seven players (six players and a goalkeeper) each passing or bouncing a ball aiming to throw it in the other team’s goal. A blend of football and basketball, the game involves the use of one’s hands rather than feet.