Sport in Egypt

Egypt is a sporting nation with the most popular being football. Other mainstream sports as volleyball and basketball have grown in popularity over the past few years as the Egyptian government invests in its aim to get the nations people fit and active. Besides from the sports we are accustomed to seeing being played in the UK, Egypt holds some of its own unique sporting events.


As well as the highly popular 90’s videogame of the same name Speedball is played in Egypt and is unfortunately completely different to the brutal game portrayed in pixel form. The Egyptian version of Speedball is essentially what we in the West call, Swing ball but taken to the extreme!

There are three different ways to play Speedball, either super-solo, single or doubles. In Super-solo one person aims to hit the ball a maximum number of times in a minute At first with the right hand, then a minute again with the left hand, then with two racquets in fore-hand only, then with two racquets in back-hand only.

The number of hits of each movement is added to make the final score of the solo. The single match sees two players aiming to score points, doubles sees four people. The game is remarkably energetic with a skilled Speedball player being able to hit the ball up to 150 times in a minute.

Beach handball

This sport is rapidly gaining in popularity across Egypt and has seen interest in it grow thanks to the efforts of the international squad’s good performance in tournaments. Highly popular in nations like Brazil and Europe, Beach Handball is an improved version of regular handball. Beach handball has more or less the same rules as regular handball the only difference is that the game is played on a beach or sandy surface.  The first Beach Handball World Championship was held in 2004 at El Ghouna Beach in which 17 teams representing 12 nations participated in the event. Egypt had won the first position in the 2004 championship and the 4th position at the 2006 beach handball world championship.


Not technically a sport Tahtib is a form of traditional folk dance that involves a wooden stick, it’s also known as the stick or cane dance and is sometimes referred to as a stick-dancing game. It appears as a highly ritualized mock fight accompanied by music.