Egyptian VISAs

There are numerous types of visa available for Egypt including tourist, student, resident and work.  The requirements for getting a visa do change relatively frequently so be sure to check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the latest regulations.

Whatever kind of visa you’re applying for you’ll need a valid passport, passport photos, evidence of financial security and either return tickets to your country of origin or proof that you can afford to buy a ticket home.

Tourist visas for Egypt can be purchased at any port of entry for a minimal fee as long as you have all of your paperwork in order. This easily obtained visa will give you 30 days in the country and can be extended, although they are only valid for a single entry.

If you plan to study in Egypt you’ll need to enter the country using a standard tourist visa. Within a week of your arrival you’ll need to register your name and address with your local police station and fill out a visa application form secured through your institution of study. This form, plus your passport and a passport sized photo, must be processed through the Ministry of the Interior.

A residence visa will allow you to stay in Egypt for a year and can be applied for at the Ministry of Interior in a similar manner to that outlined above for student visas. Foreigners with work permits often apply for 3 or 5 year residency visas.

While most countries have several types of work visa Egypt simply has a standard work permit. Applying for a work permit can be complicated and long winded and will require the engaged support of an employer. Work permit application forms can be obtained from the Ministry of Manpower and Training Office. Once you’ve filled out the application form you’ll need to collate all of the following:

Passport – valid and with valid Egyptian residency status.

Passport photos – at least 7

Any licences you require to practice your profession

A statement from your employer stating why an Egyptian couldn’t fill your position

Approval from your professional authority (can be obtained from the office of that authority but will require the support of your employer).

A sponsor (a representative from your employer who will support your application)

Approval granted from Egypt’s State Security Service (to show that you aren’t a threat to national security)

Test results to prove you’re free of AIDs/HIV.

1x Copy of the commercial register (which you obtain from your employer)

2x Copies of your academic certificates

2x Copies of your Tax ID card.

2x Copies of your employer’s incorporation contract.

After supplying this daunting list of documentation you will be asked to pay a sizable registration fee to complete the process.

It’s possible to apply for Egyptian citizenship if you’ve lived in Egypt for a prolonged period of time or are married to an Egyptian national.

Whilst in some countries the spouse of a foreign national is automatically granted citizenship to their partner’s country of origin after a set amount of years this is not the case in Egypt.

If you intend to apply for Egyptian citizenship:

You will need to be older than 21 and have lived in Egypt for at least ten consecutive years.

You mustn’t have any form of criminal record.

You must prove that you can support yourself financially and have all your mental faculties intact.

You must have a reasonable grasp of Arabic.

Citizenship is automatic for any children who have been born in Egypt and have at least one Egyptian parent.

If your husband is an Egyptian national the procedures behind applying for citizenship become much easier. In this instance obtaining citizenship is a simple matter of filling out an application form and supplying supporting documentation such as the Egyptian marriage certificate. Bear in mind however that some of the documentation you will need (such as your husband’s father’s birth certificate) may prove difficult to acquire.

Whatever your circumstances you can begin the application process for citizenship with your nearest Egyptian consulate. They should also be able to answer any questions you may have and keep you abreast of the latest requirements.