Egyptian healthcare

There are two main bodies in charge of regulating Egypt’s healthcare system, the Health Insurance Organization and the Ministry of Health. These organisations are also responsible for providing the majority of Egyptians with health insurance.

Egypt’s private health insurance system is not as extensive as the system adopted in many other nations so if you plan on going to Egypt it’s highly recommended that you arrange a comprehensive health insurance policy before you go. Make sure to thoroughly research the different policies and providers available to you to ensure you’re covered no matter what the issue may be.

The majority of private and international Egyptian hospitals will accept foreign medical cover but do look into it scrupulously.

Although private and international hospitals in Egypt provide a good standard of healthcare the quality of treatment supplied by public hospitals under the universal healthcare system can vary and is usually limited.

Consequently those Egyptians who can afford to do so tend to register with private doctors.

There are many private hospitals in Egypt which feature international staff and usually accept foreign medical insurance. Prominent medical institutions, like the Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, can also be found in Egypt.

Egypt is an Islamic nation and some Mosques in larger cities also provide high-quality medical services despite not receiving government funding.

The number to call in an emergency situation is 123, although it’s generally recommended that you avoid government-managed hospitals where possible.

Something to bear in mind when it comes to medical emergencies in Egypt is that ambulances often aren’t available in rural areas and traffic can be so bad in the larger cities that a significant delay in getting to you is almost inevitable. If you are involved in an accident you may find it simpler and quicker to get a taxi to your nearest private/international hospital.

Well-stocked pharmacies are abundant in Egypt’s larger cities and many pharmacists will have a good command of English. Medications, such as those used to treat colds and flu, are also more reasonably priced than in many other nations. However, you should always ere on the side of caution when buying medications in Egypt as questionable products do make their way onto the market.

Some traditional, herbal treatments are still in use in Egypt and are particularly popular among the poorer members of society.