Jobs in Cyprus

Due to the Troika bailout and the financial crisis finding work in Cyprus will prove to be very difficult as companies and the government look for ways to cut costs, normally this means the laying off of staff. Cyprus is at the beginning of its crisis and as such the impacts have not yet begun to fully manifest themselves, rest assured though that competition for jobs will soar as economists expect the nation’s economy to be hammered over the next few years.

Citizens of the EU do not require work permits if they wish to work or start a business on the island.  The Mediterranean climate, the slower pace of life and the low crime rate are all very attractive but what kind of work can you realistically expect to do there? Don’t forget that you will be competing with well qualified Cypriots for very few jobs.

To be in with a better chance at landing a job you should consider learning Greek to boost your prospects and give you an advantage over the locals. Being bi-lingual especially will be a great help.

If you want to practise a profession such as the law, engineering or accountancy, you must pass specialist exams in Greek. Those expatriates who come to work in Cyprus usually find jobs or start businesses in tourism, information technology or the construction industry, where foreign qualifications are more readily accepted.

Top tips for finding work in Cyprus

The Cypriot jobs market is incredibly competitive at the moment with dozens or even hundreds of people applying for the same positions. Youth unemployment is particularly high and is set to become a major problem in the near future.

Here are some tips to help you find a job in Cyprus:

Research the Cypriot immigration rules. Depending on your immigration status you may not be eligible for some jobs.

Decide on where in the country you want to go. Cyprus maybe relatively small but location is vital. The North tends to have high unemployment and the South has the lowest levels.

If a position does come up, apply for it quickly as there’s a good chance there will be a lot of competition for the job.

It’s a good idea to be patient after all trying to start a new life takes time. It’s often a long process to get settled.