Cypriot VISAs

Depending on your nationality, you may require a residence permit/work permit/Visa to live and work in Cyprus. Make sure you understand your situation and organise the relevant paperwork before you arrive in the country.

Denied entry to Cyprus

As a result of the Turkish invasion in 1974 Cyprus has certain entry conditions in place that vary from the usual normal entry requirements.

You will be refused entry into the country if you hold a passport issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you entered the country through any port or airport in the north of the island and it is likely you could face difficulty if you have a northern Cyprus stamp in your passport. If you do want to go the north ensure you get an immigration official there to stamp a separate piece of paper on entry instead of your passport.

EU citizens

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and as such as an EU citizen you will not be required to have a visa if staying in the country for under 90 days.

If there is an intention to stay for more than three months (and / or take up employment), then they have to:

If you are relocating to Cyprus in order to take up gainful employment, your residence permit for Cyprus is inextricably linked with a work permit. As with entry visas, the process of obtaining a residence permit is considerably different for citizens of EU and non-EU countries.

Citizens of member countries of the European Union can expect things to go very smoothly, whereas there are a fair number of further requirements for nationals of so-called third countries.

EU citizens are free to enter, leave, travel and live in Cyprus and may also engage in any economic activity either as paid employees or self employed. Basically an EU citizens rights are the same as those of a Cypriot.

EU citizen staying longer than three months

If you choose to stay long term in Cyprus you will have to by law, go personally to the Civil Registry and Migration Department and apply for a Registration Certificate for EU nationals. If you fail to comply then you will be fined €2562

In order to obtain a certificate you need to submit the following:

  • A valid passport or ID Card
  • 2 photos
  • A completed registration certificate
  • A fee of €8,54

Retired EU citizens

If moving to Cyprus to retire you will need to prove that you have an adequate source of income or other means to support yourself. You will also need to prove that you have funds in a Cypriot or overseas bank and that you have comprehensive health insurance.

Non-EU Citizens

Non EU citizens will have to apply for work permits and residency visas from the relevant authorities.