Introduction to Cyprus

The island of the goddess Aphrodite has been a popular destination for expats for decades. With its sunny weather and clear blue Mediterranean waters the island nation is an ideal place to find a new home in the sun. Cyprus lies at the crossroad of three continents and is where the West meets the East.

Located in the eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is the most populated and third largest island in the Mediterranean. To the West lies Greece, to the North is Turkey, to the south Egypt and to the East is Syria and Lebanon.

The island is divided in two with the Republic of Cyprus (who has international recognition as the sole government) in the south and the northern region being under the effective control of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (only recognised by Turkey). The international community considers the northern part of the island as occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkish forces.

For expats wanting to move to Cyprus they need to be aware of the troubles that are plaguing the country. The country has suffered from the ongoing Eurozone crisis and in 2013 it had to be bailed out by the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

The bailout has brought a lot of economic uncertainty to Cyprus so if you are planning on moving there make sure you have enough funds in the bank to live off or ensure you have a job waiting for you upon arrival. As with the other bailed out nations Cyprus is expected to undergo a painful transition, the jobless rate is expected to rise and cuts to public services should be expected.