Jobs in Belgium

As with any job search finding an actual job is a job in itself.  As the European debt crisis continues to affect the continent job opportunities have lessened in many Eurozone nations, Belgium among them. However there is work if you know where to look for it and as long as you have the qualifications and tenacity landing yourself work in the country is possible. As a national of the European Union you will have the right to work in Belgium under the EU’s freedom of movement act, if you’re from outside the EU then you will need the correct working permits and VISA’s.

The difficulties

You are at an immediate disadvantage if you are looking for work and currently reside outside of the country due to the language barrier. Just like moving to another country that speaks a foreign language it is highly recommended that you put in the effort to learn. Unlike in many nations, Belgium is more difficult for an English speaker to fit in as the local population prefer to speak French, Dutch or Flemish. In effect, without learning one of those languages then it is highly likely that you won’t succeed in landing a job, unless of course you get transferred via a UK based company.

If you have learnt the language up to a basic level then you should be prepared to write your application letters by hand.

Where to look for jobs

One of the most successful ways to find work in Belgium is through speculative applications, although personal contacts might be of great help.

You should also use Belgian newspapers (both national and regional) as well as international newspapers and magazines as they normally carry a substantial number of vacancies. Numerous private recruitment agencies and specific companies post vacancies on their websites. Career fairs might also be a good way of familiarising yourself with the job market of interest.

There tends to be a lot more work in the Dutch speaking regions of the country and as many of the people in those areas speak English those are the areas you should focus your search in.