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Retiring to Argentina

Argentina has been one of the most popular destinations for retirees since the country suffered from an economic meltdown in 2002 drove down the cost of living and real estate. Since then the nation’s economy has seen a recovery with prices slowly making a recovery. The cost of living and the weather are the main reasons why retired expats rate Argentina so highly.

The most popular location for retired expats to settle in is the nation’s capital of Buenos Aries. The city hosts some grand architecture and is a cultural melting pot.  Retired people can expect to achieve a good standard of living with an income equivalent to £500 per month. Rental costs of accommodation and other daily expenses of life in Buenos Aires compare favourably with many other capital cities.

There are several visa possibilities for people wishing to retire to the country, including the temporary-one year Visa that can be renewed annually and after a number of years are converted into a long-term residency Visa. To apply for a retired Visa you need to have a valid passport and documentation which proves your retired status, copies of payment documentation such as pay-slips from pension payments and confirmation of a minimum monthly income of the equivalent of £400.

The continuingly low cost of property is also a big draw for UK expats with many being able to afford a decent sized house for a fraction of the cost found in Britain. There are great real estate opportunities throughout the country, although it is generally only possible to purchase a property if you pay in cash, so you may need to ensure you have sufficient funds in advance.

Public demonstrations are very common in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires and some of these in the past have turned violent so it is best to avoid them. In addition strikes take place on a regular basis and these will cause expatriate retirees living here a high amount of inconvenience.

Unfortunately crime is high in Argentina and expatriates living in the area will need to safe guard against theft. Police patrols are common, especially within the popular expatriate areas and—on the whole—public security in the major cities is good.

With diplomatic tensions remaining relatively high over the Falkland Islands there maybe some animosity towards you as a British citizen. This is very rare however.