Property in Argentina

Finding a relatively cheap property to rent is pretty easy in Argentina but it does depend on where you look. In order to buy property you need to have an individual tax number or CDI (Clave De identification) number. To acquire one of those you can apply to the Argentine government or hire a lawyer to do so for you.

As with most places the price of accommodation depends on where you are looking and is determined by the property’s size. Due to the nation’s troubled economic pass it is quite common that payment for rent or the purchase of a place is paid in cash, although this is slowly changing.

Finding a property

As an expat it is not very hard to find a place to live whilst in Argentina. Prices are low compared to those back in the UK. Due to increasing property prices (by Argentine standards) locals are finding it increasingly difficult to be able to buy a home, this in turn has led to a high demand for rental property. Buenos Aires is by far the most popular location for expats with rental properties in the city typically being the most expensive.

To help you find the best available property you should enlist the services of a professional estate agent as they have access to the most attractive accommodation as many landlords do not wish to spend the time looking for and contracting out to tenants. In most cases you will never see the landlord throughout the renting process as the agent deals with all of the administrative tasks. The best sources to search when looking for a property are;

  • Estate agents.
  • Classified ads.
  • Local press.
  • Internet.

Buying land

Argentina is a country that offers a wide variety of land to purchase but the country’s government imposes strict rules on the sale to foreigners. If you wish to buy coastal strips or land near the borders then you will have to seek the permission of the authorities.  Buying land in any other area is not as difficulty but background checks and other authorisation methods will take place. The price of land is determined by its location and usage. Land in the winegrowing areas of for example Mendoza and land in the outskirts of Buenos Aires generally have the highest prices per hectare.  To find available land you should check the national press or other forms of media.