Education in Argentina

Education is compulsory from the ages of five to sixteen and kindergartens are available for young children. The responsibility for education is divided between the national government, the provinces and federal districts as well s private institutions that provide their own funding.

For expats with very young children, kindergartens are a good idea as it will help the children to learn the language at a faster rate. Children of expats are able to enrol in local schools and while there may be some period of adjustment this can help children to become fluent in the local language much more quickly. It can often be difficult for older children to integrate as they will find it harder to pick up the language.

Public schools do not charge any fees, aside from the usual costs for school uniforms and books. Private schools are often run by the church or other organisations and charge tuition fees.

Ideally for expats you should try to send your child to one of the international schools in Buenos Aires as they teach lessons in Spanish as part of the curriculum in an effort to improve fluency in the language. As Argentina is a popular location for may expat teachers it is likely that there will be at least one English speaker working at the school.

Some students will attend school from 8 am until noon while others will begin at 1 pm, finishing at 5 pm and the school year runs from March to December. Private schools divide the year into three terms while public schools have two semesters.


University education is free for those attending state universities, and there is no entrance exam. Private universities do charge tuition fees and these vary depending on the institution. Argentine universities have more part-time students than those in other parts of the world and often a degree will take a minimum of five years to complete.

In Argentina you can choose from thirty-eight national universities, forty-one private universities, six-state institutes and twelve private institutes, one provincial university, one university for foreigners and one international university.