Argentine VISAs

Applying for A VISA in Argentina can be a long drawn out process so it pays to get your application in early and prepare for the move long in advance. Argentina is very bureaucratic countries with its civil servants having an overt fondness for paperwork. Applications for a work Visa need to be initiated by your employer and these applications often take a lot longer than the standard ones.

Immigration in Argentina is extremely complicated but for virtually every instance you will be required to provide the following documentation.

  • Passport with a validity of at least 1 year after the visa is issued.
  • Four standard-size passport photos (4×4; preferably light blue background; ¾ profile right side).
  • Certified birth certificate in an international form.
  • Statement of good conduct. This will normally be a transcript of your criminal record from your national police (obviously, they will be looking for a transcript that does not contain any offences on it).
  • Medical statement (this form is issued by the consulate).
  • Certified declaration of not having any criminal antecedents (signed in presence of consul).
  • Payment of the application fee.

Regulations change regularly so it is a good idea to check to see if any have been made to your application process.

Permanent VISAs

To be able to claim a permanent residency Visa you have to be either the parent to, child of or married to an Argentinean citizen and it must be applied for from an Argentinean consulate. Keep in mind that the parents of an Argentinean citizen applying for a permanent visa need to proof the family link by means of a legalized birth certificate of their child. The applying spouse needs to present a legalized marriage certificate. If this certificate is not presented in Spanish or stated on an international form, an accredited translator has to provide a certified translation (in some cases the Argentinean consulate may be able to provide this service).


You can only apply for Argentinean citizenship if you’ve been living in the country for a number of years (at least two years).  To apply for joint citizenship you have to be a citizen of the following countries that Argentina has an agreement with these are; Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Spain, Sweden and United States.