Graduate Study Options Ltd

Graduate Study Options Ltd, independent UK university specialists and careers counselling. Adviser to academically bright students who want to maximise their potential and enhance their career prospects. Tailored advice for students, peace of mind for parents! By identifying the best degree options we will also assist with the application procedure and liaise with the institutions to ensure a smooth and successful transition into university.

Geraldine and her associates also offer guidance on maintaining Home/EU fee status for expat families and their children preparing to return to the UK or the EU for their studies. It is often assumed that if you have a British Passport you will automatically be considered as a Home/EU fee student but this is not necessarily the case – you need to actively maintain your rights to ‘ordinary residence’ for three years prior to attending university.

Testimonial from the Assistant Head of Shell Education Services, Den Haag, Shell International
“Geraldine delivers a consistent high quality service to our expatriate employees. Geraldine is able to leverage her knowledge of University Admissions, to advise Shell expatriate families on various elements of UK University entrance, for example, degree options and fee structures. Geraldine is able to assist on all aspects of the university application including the Personal Statement and more importantly, help ascertain Home fee status for families who have lived outside of the United Kingdom.”

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