Gordon Ramsay to terrorise expat kitchens

Gordon Ramsay to terrorise expat kitchens

If you’re one of the thousands of British expats who owns an eatery abroad you may find the concept behind this new Channel Four programme a little alarming.

After spending the last few years documenting the ‘kitchen nightmares’ of restaurants in the UK and US, Gordon *expletive* Ramsay is heading to Europe, with the intention of ferreting out struggling British-owned cafes, bars and restaurants and using his own brand of culinary wizardry to bring them back from the brink of ruin.

Although the worst of the global economic crisis appears to be behind us, the devastating financial collapse seen in European nations like Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus has taken a heavy toll on businesses and individuals.

With unemployment high and severe austerity measures imposed, eating out has become a luxury many people can no longer afford. In such an environment only the best restaurants can emerge unscathed, and thousands of eateries have been forced to cut costs, quality and staff to make ends meet.

According to the Greek Reporter; ‘The idea for the new series is based on the local cuisine of the best tourist destinations in Europe and Greece, where record tourist arrivals are expected this year. Greece will be the first country that the famous chef will be visiting between May and June 2014. Ramsay himself has said many times that he is fond of Greek cuisine.’

Another source commented that Ramsay will be visiting restaurants on the Costa del Sol; ‘The Spanish economy has crashed and people have no money to spend so a lot of restaurants are really struggling. Gordon will be helping expats try and get customers back through their doors.’

For some of these restaurants it really is make or break time.

Whether Gordon Ramsay will end up breaking them or actually help them turn their lot around remains to be seen!

An air date for the series has yet to be announced but it’s believed that it may be Ramsay’s last run of Kitchen Nightmares for Channel Four.

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