Get Married in Italy


Get Married in Italy

If you’re planning on tying the knot, but don’t fancy having a knees up down the town, hall holding your wedding in Italy could be the option for you – and it can be far more affordable than many people think.

Why Italy? Four reasons to get married in Italy

Here’s our list of the top four reasons to get married in Italy:

The weather

Much of Italy has a typically Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and wet but mild winters. Southern Italy typically gets the best of the sun and the highest temperatures, with an average of 200+ days of sun a year, but central Italy (where Rome, Florence and Pisa are located) is bright almost as often and can feel hotter because of the more built up surroundings.

The venues

Whether you’re looking for a romantic, historical, traditional or contemporary wedding venue Italy will have something to suit. But with Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Sicily, Naples (and more) to choose from you may find settling on just one region the biggest challenge of all!

The guest list

Now, we all love that great uncle with no teeth (and the tendency to spit when they talk) but do we really want them at our wedding? When you get hitched at home not inviting distant relatives can lead to family feuds which spiral on for decades. By getting married abroad you can instantly halve your guest list and make sure that only the people who’ll add to your special day will be there.

The convenience

Getting married abroad might not seem that convenient, but it really can be no more stressful than planning a wedding at home. There are literally hundreds of professional wedding planners who’ll take all the hassle of organising off your hands, booking flights, accommodation and venues, and helping you select food, flowers and music. Many brides comment that they only relax about their wedding once they’re on the honeymoon, but if you have your wedding in Italy the honeymoon will have already started!

Popular Locations

Want to know the most popular locations to get married in Italy? Look no further!


You probably won’t be able to wangle getting the Pope to perform the ceremony (he’s very busy) but Rome is one of the most iconic cities in the world and a truly incredible place to hold a wedding. Chose Rome if you like the idea of taking your vows in a place steeped in history, full of breathtaking architecture and radiating the essence of Italy.


For many Venice, with its winding canals, gondola rides and ancient mystery is one of the most romantic locations in Italy. Not surprising then that its one of the top choices for foreign couples looking to marry Italiano style. By choosing Venice as your venue you’re opening yourself to the options of getting married in the Palazzo Cavalli overlooking the Grand Canal, arriving to your ceremony in a gondola, and having your wedding photos taken in the breathtaking Piazza San Marco.


Fine art, stunning architecture, beautiful countryside and a distinctive food culture are just a few of the things Tuscany has to offer. If you chose the region for your wedding you won’t just have villas, hotels and churches to choose from but castles and farm houses too! There really is something for everyone in this extensive region of northern Italy.


Naples is full of extremes. From the dormant volcano looming over the municipality to the hectic historic centre, to the stunning Bay of Naples and the sleek, contemporary shopping districts – It’s an area you could spend your life exploring. The breathtaking Amalfi Coast is a hugely popular wedding venue choice, as is the area around the imposing Castel Nuovo.


You think Sicily and you think wine, fine cuisine, lemons… the Mafia… and weddings. Sicily has beauty, history, a mild climate and a host of glorious venues to choose from, including palaces and castles with ocean views, ancient churches and temples, villas, the list goes on! Despite the Mafia associations the people of Sicily are warm and welcoming, and whether you wake up to a horse’s head in your bed or not you’re sure to have a wedding you’ll remember forever!

Who can help?

Planning a wedding at your local town hall comes with plenty of stress, but when you’re planning a wedding in another country you can multiply that stress several times over. Don’t let worries and concerns ruin your big day. There are plenty of companies out there which specialise in helping couples plan their dream wedding abroad. Some are pricier than others, but often the extra expense is worth it! Below are some suggestions for companies to approach, but if you are thinking of getting a helping hand be sure to do extensive research. If possible use a company which has been personally recommended to you. If that isn’t an option then look for one which has received good reviews online. If you communicate with the company by phone make sure they send you electronic or paper copies of any agreements you’ve made, and be 100% of what you’re paying for before you fork out any money!


Although getting married in Italy is a relatively easy process, as there are no minimum residency requirements to meet, there are legal considerations you must take into account, considerations which vary depending on your country of origin, marital history and religion.

The information below should be used as a guideline only, if you intend to get married in Italy make sure to contact an Italian Embassy for the most up-to-date information.

In order for a foreign couple to get married in Italy they must acquire a ‘Nulla Osta’, which must be obtained in Italy at least 4 working days before the date of the wedding.

The process for applying for a Nulla Osta is different for different nationalities, but UK citizens must first obtain a ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ in their own country. This is done by giving your local registry office notice of your intention to marry in Italy.

23 days after you’ve informed your local registry office of your plans your Certificate of No Impediment will arrive. (Bear in mind that this document expires after six months)


You must bring the following original documentation with you to Italy in order to receive your Nulla Osta.

Full Birth Certificate.

10 Year Passport – must have at least 6 months validity remaining.

Certificate of No Impediment

Photocopies of the picture page of the passports of your two witnesses, with their names, addresses and occupations displayed.

If you are divorced you will also need to bring a Decree Absolute and previous marriage certificates.

You will need to provide proof, stamped by a solicitor, if you have ever changed your name by deed poll.

Once married you will be issued with an international wedding certificate, which will be valid in both Italy and your country of origin. If you want more than one copy of your wedding certificate you must put in a request in advance.

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