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Four Reasons to Get Married in Cyprus

If you’re planning on tying the knot but fancy something a bit more special than sausage rolls down the local, holding your wedding in Cyprus could be the option for you – and it can be far more affordable than many people think.

The Weather

There’s nothing worse than booking your wedding for July, keeping your fingers crossed for months and doing sun dances like a loony, only for your big day to dawn all wet and windy. In the UK you’re lucky if the rain stops for long enough to take the wedding photos, but in Cyprus sun is the norm. Cyprus has a subtropical climate, of the Mediterranean and Semi-arid type. This means that it enjoys very mild winters and warm, dry summers. So whatever time of year you intend to get hitched good weather is almost a guarantee. Getting married in the height of summer will be more costly, but in Cyprus you can also expect sun in Spring and Autumn.

The Venues

While there isn’t anything wrong with a traditional location some people fancy something a little more exotic. Cyprus is known as ‘the island of love’ and has a host of stunning venues to chose from, whether you’ve got your heart set on a beach ceremony, a luxurious hotel, a yacht, a beautiful chapel or a sundrenched golf resort. Steeped in history and oozing romance, it’s little wonder Cyprus is one of the most popular overseas wedding locations.

The Guest List

Now we all love that second cousin six-times-removed who has a tendency to drink too much, but do we really want them at our wedding? When you get hitched at home not inviting distant relatives can lead to family feuds which spiral on for decades. By getting married abroad you can instantly halve your guest list and make sure that only the people who’ll add to your special day will be there.

The Convenience

Getting married abroad might not seem that convenient, but it really can be no more stressful than tying the knot at home. There are literally hundreds of professional wedding planners who’ll take all the hassle of organising off your hands, booking flights, accommodation and venues, and helping you select food, flowers and music. Cyprus has two international airports and a flight to Cyprus from the UK takes just four and a half hours. With the wedding organised all you have to do is enjoy the sun – and get ready to have the ball and chain attached.

Popular Venues

Some of the most popular places to get married in Cyprus.

Coral Beach Hotel

The 5* Coral Beach Hotel might be luxurious but it has a relaxing vibe too. It looks out over one of the best beaches in Paphos and has everything to cater for couples and families alike. It won the Travellers’ Choice Luxury award for 2013 and with 422 rooms it should have space for all your wedding party! You can chose to get married on the private Armonia terrace overlooking the Coral beach, on the bay’s private peer or in the resorts incredible gardens.

Paphos Castle

In Cyprus you don’t have to be a princess to get married in a castle. First built during the medieval period, Paphos castle has a rich history and unique look. Situated on the edge of Paphos harbour it also boasts stunning views. It might not have the luxurious interior of a resort but it promises to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Yeroskipou Town Hall

Just north-east of Paphos is one of Cyprus’s premier wedding venues, the town hall in the village of Yeroskipou. Ancient legend states that Yeroskipou was visited by the love goddess Aphrodite, and it’s not hard to see why she might have stopped off there. Both outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies can take place and with sea views, stunning buildings and incredible natural surroundings it’s a wedding photographer’s dream.

St Georges Chapel

If a church ceremony is a must-have for you and your partner you couldn’t do better than the gloriously colourful St. George’s Chapel. Its distinctive look, individual atmosphere and views across the Mediterranean attract couples in their droves. Both Catholic and Anglican ceremonies are performed there and, although May and September are the most popular months, weddings can be booked year round.

Ayia Kyriaki (St. Paul’s Pillar)

This medieval Byzantine church is a truly stunning wedding location as well as being one of the most culturally important structures in Cyprus. Set among ancient ruins, lit by chandeliers of candles and beautifully adorned with painted icons, Ayia Kyriaki is a romantic, historic setting you’d never forget.

Who can help?

Planning a wedding at your local town hall comes with plenty of stress, but when you’re planning a wedding in another country you can multiply that stress several times over. Don’t let worries and concerns ruin your big day. There are plenty of companies out there which specialise in helping couples plan their dream wedding abroad. Some are pricier than others, but often the extra expense is worth it! Below are some suggestions for companies to approach, but if you are thinking of getting a helping hand be sure to do extensive research. If possible use a company which has been personally recommended to you. If that isn’t an option then look for one which has received good reviews online. If you communicate with the company by phone make sure they send you electronic or paper copies of any agreements you’ve made, and be 100% of what you’re paying for before you fork out any money!


Although getting married in Cyprus is a relatively easy process there are legal considerations you must take into account.

The information below should be used as a guideline only, if you intend to get married in Cyprus make sure to contact the Embassy or High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus for the most up-to-date information.


You must bring the following original documentation with you to Cyprus.

Full Birth Certificate.

10 Year Passport – must have at least 6 months validity remaining.

Sworn Affidavits – this is a statement signed and stamped by a solicitor which confirms that both parties are free to marry. This can only be prepared in the last month before your wedding day.

Notice of Marriage – This must be submitted to a marriage officer prior to your wedding.

If you are getting married in a church you may need a baptism certificate

If divorced you will need to bring a Decree Absolute.

If a widower you will need to bring a Death certificate as well as your previous Marriage Certificate.

If you are adopted you will need to bring your Adoption certificate.

If you are under 18 you will need a letter of consent from either a parent or guardian.

You will need to provide proof, stamped by a solicitor, if you have ever changed your name by deed poll.

If you have an Irish Passport you must bring a Freedom to Marry Certificate with you. This can be obtained from an Irish registry office or Irish embassy.

Submitting your marriage application cannot be done until you’re in Cyprus, and can only be done within three weeks of your wedding date.

After arriving in Cyprus you must make an in-person marriage application to the Marriage Officer at the Municipality of your choice.

You must be resident in Cyprus for 3 clear working days prior to your wedding day if you apply for a Special Licence. If applying for a regular wedding licence you won’t be able to get married until 15 days after you’ve submitted your Notice of Marriage. It’s important to bear in mind that if you don’t apply for a Special Licence you will need to have been resident in Cyprus for roughly 20 days before your wedding day. Because of the cost implications involved with staying in Cyprus for such a long period most foreign couples tend to apply for a Special Wedding licence.

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