Fun facts about Turkey


Fun facts about Turkey

Often said to be the crossroads of the world, the land that is Turkey has seen the rise and fall of many Empires throughout history and sports one of the most open Islamic cultures in the world. With all of its history and culture it will come at little surprise that are plenty of fun facts about the country.

1. Two of the seven ancient wonders of the world were in Turkey.

2. St.Nicholas or Santa Claus to give him his famous name was a Bishop at a church in Turkey

3.  Turks introduced coffee to Europe

4. Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city was once called Constantinople and was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and its successor the Byzantine Empire, as well as the Ottoman Empire

5. Writing was first used in ancient Anatolia

6. Turks introduced tulips to the Netherlands

7. The Mythical Trojan wars are thought to have taken place in Western Turkey

8. Turkey provides 70% of the worlds hazel nuts

9. The oldest know human settlement is in Turkey dating back to 7500 BCE

10. Part of Turkey’s south-western shore was a wedding gift that Mark Anthony gave to Cleopatra

11. The oldest Christian church in the world is located in Turkey

12. The number of archaeological excavations going on in Turkey every year is at least 150.

13. The Ottoman Empire ruled most of the Middle East and North Africa for 600 years

14. Turkey is self-sufficient when it comes to food meaning that it doesn’t have to import food to feed its people.

15. Turkey is the only secular and democratic Muslim country in the world

16. Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents

17. Turkey controls the north of Cyprus; the Greek backed Cypriot government rules the South

18. Turkey has a population of 70 million people, 99% of which are Muslim

19. The Turks introduced Cherry to Europe

20. The most popular sport in Turkey is football closely followed by Basketball

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