Fun facts about the UK


Fun facts about the UK

With so many different cultures and with four different countries there are plenty of quirky and fun facts about the United Kingdom.

1. England is 74 times smaller than the USA

2. 80,000 umbrellas are lost annually in the London tube

3. It’s considered treason to place a stamp bearing the King or Queen’s image upside-down.

4. French was the official language for about 300 years

5. Big Ben does not refer to the clock, but actually the bell

6. The English drink more tea than anyone else in the world

7. “The Star Spangled Banner” (the American national anthem) was created by an Englishman.

8. The shortest war against England was with Zanzibar in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.

9. London has been called Londonium, Ludenwic, and Ludenburg in the past.

10. William the Conqueror ordered everyone to be in their beds by 8 pm.

11. The first fish and chips restaurant was opened in 1860

12. The English invented the world’s earliest railways.

13. To watch television in the UK, you have to pay a licence

14. The first public theater built in England was called The Theatre.

15. In Chester you can only shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow inside the city walls and after midnight.

16. London is the world’s largest financial centre.

17. Berwick-upon-Tweed was officially at war with Russia for 110 years.

18. There are more chickens than humans in England

19. In 1647 the English Parliament abolished Christmas, it was of course reinstated.

20. About 25% of Londoners were born outside of the UK, and the city now hosts over 300 different languages.

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