Fun facts about South Africa

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and has a long history. Here are some fun facts about the Republic of South Africa.

1. South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique are tearing down fences between the countries’ game parks to create a 13,500 square mile game park, which will become the largest conservation area in the world. It will be bigger than Switzerland, Belgium and Taiwan.

2. South Africa has 19,004 miles of railway track – 80% of Africa’s rail infrastructure

3. South Africa has the third highest level of biodiversity in the world

4. The oldest remains of modern humans were found in Klasies River Cave in the Eastern Cape. They are well over 100,000 years old.

5. South Africa has the highest commercial bungi jump in the world (710 feet)

6. Three of the five fastest land animals live in South Africa

7. South Africa’s drinking water is rated 3rd best in the world for being “safe and ready to drink”

8. There are more than 2000 shipwrecks off the South African coast, most dating back at least 500 years

9. South Africa is the only country to have hosted the Rugby world cup, Soccer world cup and cricket world cup.

10. South Africa is home to the oldest Meteor scar in the world.

11. The Tugela Falls is the second highest waterfall in the world, where the water tumbles down 850 metres.

12. South Africa has 11 official languages

13. Bear wrestling is illegal

14. In South Africa it is illegal to sit closer than 2 Meters to a person of the opposite sex, if he or she wears nothing but a swimming costume.

15. If aliens ever land in South Africa, they would be become the property of the State!

16. South Africa has the longest wine route in the world, the R62 wine route

17. The world’s first heart transplant was done in South Africa in 1967

18. The automatic pool cleaner was invented by a South African

19. The country is five times the size of Japan

20. South Africa produces 80% of the worlds Platinum, one of the rarest metals on Earth.

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