Fun facts about Russia

Fun facts about Russia

Russia has a fairly chequered past but it’s one that has moulded Russia into the unique and varied nation it is today.

1. Russia spans 9 time zones and spreads across the top of Asia and 40 % of the European continent

2. Russia has the world’s largest forest reserves and is known as the “lungs of Europe” and is second only to the Amazon rainforest in the amount of Oxygen it produces.

3. The Trans Siberian railway is the longest rail route on Earth stretching a massive 5592 miles.

4. Russians never shake hands in a doorway; they believe it leads to arguments.

5. During the Second World War metro stations were used as air-raid shelter. 150 people were born there.

6. The closest point between Russia and America is only 4 km long.

7. Russians like to spend time in their kitchens talking philosophically about life.

8. Russia is the biggest nation in the world covering over 1/8th of the Earths landmass.

9. The country is surrounded by 13 seas.

10. The Russians beat the US to be first into space; Yuri Gagarin became the first man to orbit the Earth and Sputnik the first man-made object to make it into space.

11. Russia adopted universal suffrage two years before the United States.

12. The Moscow Metro is the world’s biggest bomb shelter. The metro system was designed to shelter most of the city’s population in the event of nuclear war.

13. It’s not always cold in Russia and certainly not everywhere. The South of Russia is warmer than most European countries.

14. Believe it or no, not all Russians drink Vodka!

15. Russian inventors created the world’s most infamous weapon the AK-47 assault rifle, its responsible for more deaths than any other weapon ever made.

16. Moscow is the biggest city in Europe with more than 10 million residents

17. The famous composer Tchaikovsky was Russian

18. Only about 10% of the land in Russia can be used for farming because of the cold.  The largest crops grown are potatoes, barley, and wheat.

19. The forests of Russia are home to reindeer, wolves, bear, lynx, and the Siberian tiger.

20. Russian language does not include a word for ‘the’ or ‘a’ which is good because these often lead to confusion in other languages

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