Fun facts about China

Fun facts about China

If you’re going to live in China it might be an idea to learn some interesting facts about the place. Not only will these trivia titbits expand your own knowledge but they’ll be great to pull out in conversation with locals!

1. Fortune cookies are not a Chinese tradition but were invented by a San Francisco factory worker in 1920.

2. Bats are traditionally symbols of good luck in Chinese design. Bat images are used frequently in the creation for textiles and porcelain.

3. Toilet paper was first invented in the late 1300’s in China – to be used by emperors only!

4. During the Holocaust Shanghai was the only port in the world which would accept fleeing Jews without an entry Visa.

5. 20% of the World’s population live in China.

6. Gunpowder was discovered in China and was used to make the world’s first fireworks.

7. At around 2000 BC Ice cream was invented in China. It was made by packing a mixture of milk and rice in the snow. It’s rumoured that Marco Polo brought the recipe back to Europe.

8. Some Historians think that 6000 BC marks the beginning of Chinese civilisation, which would make it the longest continuous civilisation of all time. China also has the world’s oldest continually used written language.

9. China has been growing tea for over 2000 years.

10. The Chinese literacy rate is 95.9%.

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