Fun facts about Argentina


Fun facts about Argentina

Well known for its footballers and rivalry with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands, Argentina is a place filled with eccentric peoples, weird customs and fascinating natural features. Here we take a look at some fun facts about Argentina.

The national sport of Argentina is not football (shock horror), but is in fact the sport of Pato, or horse ball, a combination of polo and basketball.

The infamous revolutionary Che Guevara was actually an Argentinean not a Cuban!

The nation’s president automatically becomes the godparent of the seventh born son to any family in the country. In 1907 a Russian immigrant believed that this would reverse the curse of the werewolf in his family.

The rather scary sounding Argentine Vampire Duck has the tendency of taking off lice from other ducks and Christian missionaries thought that it was an act of vampirism!

Argentine Spanish is referred to as Lumfardo and has larger similitude to Italian than the Mexican Spanish that Americans are accustomed to.

Argentina means “land of silver.” Its name comes from the abundant resources of the metal.

For all those who love animated films – The world’s first animated films were created and released in Argentina, by a person named Quirino Cristiani in 1917.

There are over 1800 wineries in the country.

The national drink is something called Mate and is a type of tea.

Argentine women undergo the most cosmetic surgery operations in the world.

Some of the oldest Dinosaur fossils have been found in Argentina

Argentina still lays claim over the Falkland Islands despite not having even existed at the time of the British occupation in the 1700s.

Argentina doesn’t have a tooth fairy; instead during the night a mouse called ‘El Raton Perez’ comes and takes the tooth in exchange for coins

Argentina is home to the descendants of a Welsh colony and the Welsh language is still spoken in the province of Chubut.

The tallest mountain in South America is Mount Aconcagua located in the province of Mendoza.

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