Four Australian cities among the top ten destinations for British expats


Four Australian cities in the top ten list for Brit Expat destinations

According to a survey carried out by, Australia is undoubtedly the most popular destination for UK expats with four of the land down under’s cities making it into the top-ten list for popular destinations.

The most popular city was Perth which has benefitted from the Australian mining boom and has attracted many expats seeking work in the mining and agricultural sectors. The popularity of its fantastic beaches, warm climate and world class facilities were also listed as big draws.

Following on from Perth, came Sydney and Melbourne which were listed second and third respectively. Brisbane also made the list.

MoveHub’s spokesman Max Holloway said; “Most of the expats we deal with are businessmen and their families. Australia’s growing resources and services sector means more and more people are looking to move there for work from the UK.”

The survey was surprising in that former popular destinations such as New York City and Hong Kong fell out of the top ten. Move Hub expects next year’s table to feature new entries, including Brazils Sao Paulo and Oman in the Middle East.

The survey also showed that the majority of UK expats looking to move abroad were over 50 and that half of all UK residents are tempted to move broad after retirement.

Top 10 popular destinations for British expats:

1. Perth, Australia

2. Sydney, Australia

3. Melbourne, Australia

4. Dubai, UAE

5. Auckland, New Zealand

6. Cape Town, South Afica

7. Brisbane, Australia

8. Singapore

9. Berlin, Germany

10. Toronto, Canada

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