Finding a job as an Expat in New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand is a massive undertaking and the decision to do so is not to be taken lightly. Once you’ve made the big decision then it’s time to find a job. New Zealand once boasted the accolade of being the best place for British expats to make a fresh start. Unfortunately thanks to the global credit crisis it can no longer make that boast. Like every other nation New Zealand has suffered. In 2009 the unemployment level was 5% this year it is at 6%.

The difficulties

Finding work in New Zealand all depends on obtaining a visa. Either a working or residential one is required. Normally you need to have a skill that the county needs, Teachers, doctors, mechanics etc… ,are the most highly sought after. It’s best to contact the New Zealand immigration office to make sure you can get a visa. If you’re seeking a professional job it is common practise for a potential employer to only regard someone who has had a working visa for at least two years. To see what jobs are the most in demand you should regularly check the New Zealand government website. Unemployment levels are high for such a small population, making competition fierce. Thanks to the unpredictable jobs market there is a danger that if you do lose your job whilst in New Zealand then you may be deported in a short space of time.

Pay and conditions

The working conditions in New Zealand are similar to those currently found in the UK. The average working week is typically 40 hours from Monday to Friday with the average day ranging from 8.30am to 5pm. This includes rest and lunch breaks. A lot of New Zealand employers readily employ migrant workers, especially during a labour shortage. People with a strong proficiency in English and strong qualifications are the migrants most likely to succeed in landing a job. Pay rates in New Zealand are not as high as those found in the UK but on average neither is the cost of living.

Tips for finding work in New Zealand

1. Research New Zealand’s immigration laws. Some tough laws are in place so it pays to know what you will be dealing with.

2. The application process is similar to that in the UK. Make sure your C.V is written to the New Zealand standard.

3. If a position does come up, apply for it quickly as there’s a good chance there will be competition for the job.

4. Look for jobs where workers are in demand. If you have a trade or professional skill then you will find a job a lot easier.

5. Be sure to check the New Zealand immigration website for the latest positions.

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