Financial Spectrum

Company name: Financial Spectrum

Contact name: Brenton Tong and David Hancock



Telephone: +612 8238 0888

Financial Spectrum are experts in designing strategies and structures for people to build their wealth.  Independently owned with it’s own license, Financial Spectrum also owns no products and receives no incentives from product providers therefore minimising conflicts in the advice that is given.  Because of this, Financial Spectrum is able to use its extensive resources to help it’s client build wealth, minimise tax, increase cash flow and live a better life.  Every solution is custom built for our clients taking into consideration a wide spectrum of information and data about your life, finances, appetite for risk and expectations about your future.  Initial appointments are free, and offer an opportunity to have a frank and valuable discussion with one of our professionals about the benefits that we can deliver.

We work with Australian assets – either owned by expat Australians living overseas or overseas investors wanting to invest (and/or move) into Australia.

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